It was improv comedy for me, but it’s been Western culture for awhile.

It’s NXIVM but it doesn’t have to be (from ArtVoice)

Like a lot of us in the U.S., I read and watch about cults to relax. A lot of the responses online to NXIVM and Scientology have a snide, superior tone. “How could they pay so much for those classes? How could they let themselves be branded?”

I am not qualified to EM or audit everyone sharing opinions online, but my hunch is that a dominant feeling for a lot of us is either, “There but for the grace of God go I” or “Oh, that does remind me a lot of that one thing I used to do, if…

When a pro-vaxxer suffers severe adverse vaccine effects and the world tells her to shut the fuck up.

There are a lot of progressive-minded people on social media focused on discounting the VAERS reporting system for adverse Covid-19 vaccine reactions and deaths. The mainstream media and Centers for Disease Control are also at work stating that VAERS reporting system can’t be trusted. You see there have been thousands of reported deaths and countless reported illnesses and that’s scary.

I get it. People who are in favor of vaccination don’t want to scare people about unusual risks.

And some tips for patients navigating a broken, feckless system that calls you crazy

The medicine chest. The bottom row is daily.

I caught Covid at the doctor’s office this summer, the only time I left the house in 7 weeks. It was just me and the medical assistant in the lobby, while I received an injection. She infected me, unless it snuck into the medicine. I considered myself lucky that the virus barely touched my lungs at first.

For a few weeks, I had high fevers, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue like I didn’t know was possible. I thought I knew fatigue. I did not! I was sleeping…

Slain Detective Sean Suiter

By Justine Barron (@jewstein3000)

Amelia McDonell-Parry (@xoamelia) and Jasen Henderson (@suchaputz) contributed to this report.

The story of Homicide Detective Sean Suiter’s killing in Baltimore has some familiar elements to residents and people who have paid attention to Baltimore crime in the last few years. Most notably, there is a Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis, asking the public to suspend all curiosity around even the possibility that another police officer could’ve done anything wrong, when

  1. The case hasn’t been investigated fully, so what’s with all the premature conclusions?
  2. The officer was killed under very mysterious circumstances, including being shot by his…

Dear The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Village Voice, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Slate, People Magazine, E! News, and probably every other news outlet in the world:

On behalf of most ladies, we appreciate that you are taking seriously the Harvey Weinstein-is-a-predator story and exploring it from every angle.

So which of your editors decides that the best thumbnail photo for an article called “Rose McGowan claims Harvey Weinstein raped her, calls out Amazon head Jeff Bezos” is a picture of Weinstein and a young McGowan arm and arm, smiling? How many different levels of editors…

Season 2 — Wrapping It All Up, In a Tidy Bowe

By Justine Barron

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We weren’t told that episode 11 of Serial season 2 was our last until it started. I would bet that Serial didn’t even know, two weeks before, that they were wrapping up. Who plans to go out on eleven episodes? An even twelve, like last year, would’ve made sense. Thirteen episodes makes a cable TV series or a suit of cards. Eleven is the world’s least notable number; nothing stops at eleven.

Knowing Serial, if they really intended to end on…

Season 2 — Ep. 10: The Worst and the Best

By Justine Barron

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“I wasn’t just bored; I was aggravated.” This is not only what I plan to put on my tombstone, but it describes my feelings about Episode 10. This is possibly Serial’s Worst Episode Ever. It is saved by some graceful writing and production towards the end, dealing with Bowe’s reentry into society. That part is quite beautiful actually; that is Serial at its best. …

Season 2 — Eps. 7–9: A Tale of Two Serials

By Justine Barron

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Bowe Bergdhal finally gets a diagnosis in Episode 8, but Season 2 of Serial is still suffering personality issues. Somewhere between the recent double episode, on Bowe’s background and mental health, and last week’s episode, on U.S. negotiations with the Taliban, lies the season’s identity. On the one hand, it’s about a soldier who made a legendarily bad choice. On the other hand, it’s about… the Afghan war?

The other hand gets rangy, expanding into Taliban operations, war strategy, hostage recovery, and…

Cause this is mostly about you guys!

This article refers to recent events for women in improv comedy. Although a satirical list of suggestions, I have heard nearly all of them in real life.

You’re a decent guy. Not too good or bad-looking, clever to a fault, fun but also understanding. You and your best buds are comedians. You all hang out with women who are into comedy. They’re chill, funny girls. You don’t want to date them, they don’t want to date you, but who knows? Maybe one day.

It’s crazy. All of a sudden, these chill, funny girls are posting things on Facebook about really…

Ep. 6 & Syed Hearing: Heroes (Asia), Villains (prosecutors), and Bowe

By Justine Barron

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The Adnan Syed Justice League

If you’ve been following the Adnan Syed case for the last year, then you may understand the following reference:

There is a classic trope in the first act of ensemble franchise movies when the ragtag team of unlikely heroes gathers together to work towards a single mission. It’s like in The Avengers or that scene from Mad Men when they start their own firm.

One by one, the classic Adnan Syed players have been arriving this…

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Crime, politics, culture, personal essays, humor (but I’m sad). Twitter: @jewstein3000.

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