How To Prove That You’re an Ally for Women in Comedy

Cause this is mostly about you guys!

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This article refers to recent events for women in improv comedy. Although a satirical list of suggestions, I have heard nearly all of them in real life.

You’re a decent guy. Not too good or bad-looking, clever to a fault, fun but also understanding. You and your best buds are comedians. You all hang out with women who are into comedy. They’re chill, funny girls. You don’t want to date them, they don’t want to date you, but who knows? Maybe one day.

It’s crazy. All of a sudden, these chill, funny girls are posting things on Facebook about really dark stuff. Like being molested. Or worse than molested. By guys you know! They’re suddenly angry about all of this “institutional sexism” that, to be honest, you never really saw.

This is not fun anymore. But you’re a Very Understanding Guy. You want to seem supportive, even if you don’t entirely get it. You might want to date them one day. So how do you respond?

Some suggestions for how guys can support comedy women (you might want to date) with their recent feminist problems:

  1. SAY SOMETHING! Say a lot. You can’t just be quiet when women talk. That’s not what they want. They don’t just want to be heard. You gotta get in there. Respond to their posts. Post your own updates about feminism. Post twice as many as them! Otherwise, they will wonder if you get it. Because this is definitely about you.

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Crime, politics, culture, personal essays, humor (but I’m sad). Twitter: @jewstein3000.

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